We accidentally started a book club

I introduced my husband to audible. I love to read, but don’t always have the time to sit and divulge myself into a book. Sometimes, actually more often than most, the self-help, business books put to sleep. The information is so valuable, but I find myself always snoozing. So i’d rather listen in the car. I began having conversations with my husband about the podcasts I am listening to or the books I’m “reading” and planted the seed for him to listen as well. AND… after a few months of subtle suggestion, he listened. Most recently, I suggested we start a book club just him and me and he’s like, “Wait a minute, a what ?! club”.  Baby steps 😉 

The point to all this is not that I got my husband to listen to a book. It’s the conversations we are having and how amazing it has been.

Our usual daily conversations consist of: 

How was work? 



Good. Busy. 

We’re is oldest kid going today, who’s taking him, pick up? 

Middle, he’s home. Practice at 6. Okay I got him.  

Oh, wait little man. Where’s he going?

Okay, what’s for dinner? Did you make dinner?

Dinner?? Groceries??

Who has time for that?! 

Our evening conversations would be dinner talk with the older boys while we’d check in with the youngest and read with him before bed time. Our conversations consisted very little about us. 

You get my point.

Now, the monotony of our conversations have been broken up from the everyday of who, what and where business of having jobs and kids with an active schedule to  let’s talk about what we got out of this chapter. I didn’t set out to start a book club with my husband. It happened naturally as he became more interested in the conversations I was having with him about what I was reading.

The bonus to all this? 

We found another way to add variety into our daily conversations while deepening our connection. 

Our current read: 

What’s next?

What we’ve read:

If you haven’t read Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis go out and buy it today!! It’s THAT good. Even my husband who was super hesitant to even listen to it, read it.  We were having great conversations and it is a wonderful reminder that we are made for more.


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