3 Ways to Inspire Change in Your Daily Routine

I’ve never been a morning person, I can best be described as the permanently exhausted pigeon meme that is passed around often on my social media feed. Or that coffee mug that says, “I’m only a morning person on Christmas Day.” 

 To the point, I think you get it, I AM NOT A MORNING PERSON. Or well at least used to be. That’s changing and here’s why.

I read a lot. I feel it’s important to continue to learn and grow as a person. I find topics that are of interest to me download the books on audible and listen every morning during school drop off, on the way to work. Anytime I’m in the car I have a book or podcast playing. The common theme I’ve been drawn to lately is finding your workflow. What part of the day am I most productive and maximizing the time to excel my workflow?  I discovered that top business influencers were waking up at 5:00 AM and crushing their goals. I was inspired to change my daily routine. So… I tried waking up earlier to see what would happen.

Well, guess what?! This “I can barely get out of bed if the sun isn’t shining in my face girl”  has found that I am most creative in the wee hours of the morning. This sucks! Really it does, but I am determined to change my behaviors and instead of work harder, work smarter. If I can utilize those morning hours to complete a project in less time because my creative juices are flowing then I’ll do it.

How do I know that the morning is the best time for me?

I began to pay attention to patterns in my behaviors. I would create my schedule and wonder why my to do list wasn’t getting done. Here’s why? I was scheduling myself to do the wrong things at the time that wasn’t best suited for me.  I needed to create a schedule that worked for me, not against me.

Here are 3 ways to inspire change in your daily routine.

Begin to pay attention to your behaviors.

When are you finding yourself wanting to plug away and get things done?  I’m not talking about the tedious must do items. I’m talking about those work items that move the needle. The ones that will build your company or propel you forward in your job. I found myself wanting to work on those items in the morning, yet I had scheduled myself to do those things later in the day or even the evening.

Track it.

I became more aware of  what I was working on and when. Then I wrote it down. I began to see that the morning was where those big  ideas seamlessly flowed out of me. As I mentioned before, waking up early is not my thing. I found that I was trying to get my creative work finished while getting kids off to school. Can you see a problem with this? I would then head off to my morning workout and back home to do house chores before finally sitting back down to work.

Adjust and refine your schedule until it works for you.

As I began to pay better attention to my work patterns, I started to adjust my schedule. I knew that I was wanting to work on the big ideas in the morning, but was failing miserably at overlapping that with the kids schedule and getting them off to school. So I started to wake up earlier.  I also noticed that I could really workout at anytime of the day and I was okay to do that. Evenings are best left for things that do not require much brain power. As much as I try to be productive in the evenings, I found I do best when I don’t have to work and can recharge, read for fun and enjoy time with my family.

Here are three questions to ask yourself to inspire change:

What time of day are finding yourself wanting to work on your big ideas?

When are you most productive?

When are you least productive and needing to recharge?

I’m not there yet. The 5 AM rise and grind is a goal I have to work up to. It’ll take time to get there and do this consistently. For now, I have stayed consistent with waking up at 6 AM and this is already a huge step forward with inspiring change in my daily routine, being more productive and creating a seamless workflow.

What changes can you make today that will move the needle and allow for a seamless workflow?


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  • Julie Gazdecki March 30, 2019 at 7:10 pm Reply

    Great tips!! Going to be tracking and making some changes!!

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