5 Things To Do This Weekend- No Matter Where You Live

The weekend is fast approaching and instead of sitting around watching TV or the endless stream of video games and Fortnite matches, you’re wondering what can we do? Here are 5 things You can totally do this weekend no matter where you live.

Visit a Nature Center

No matter how old my kids are, they always enjoy trips to nature centers. There’s always something new to learn that captures each of my child’s imaginations no matter what their age!

We went bird watching and learned about animals and what burrows underneath the ground.

There are interactive stations that you can do. Here Kaeden decided to see what his finger looked like under the microscope.

Go to a Museum

What sparks your child’s interest? Mine love sciences and nature. We usually buy a membership to a museum and visit often. There’s always lots to explore with no experience is ever the same. This time they had a snake the kids could touch.

Take a Hike

Check your Regional Park District website for trail locations and maps. Pack your water, food, get on your hiking shoes and go. You can also look at National Parks nearby. All Trails is a great resource for finding trails in your local area, enter your location in their search bar and off you go!

Local Park or Botanical Garden

What’s in your local area? Are there gardens (indoor or outdoor) nearby, what kind of parks are there? Get creative and you might be surprised what you’ll find.

In Las Vegas, we headed off to the Bellagio Gardens and looked at the wonderful designs they made out of flowers. There was a fox, tiger, butterflies, even a face designed from flowers. It was a fun site to see.

Another time we visited a park to look at the farm animals, but ended up stumbling upon what we like to call the “Secret Garden”. It was definitely a surprise and our favorite part of our day out. The Gardens were huge with all different levels, and plant types. If we knew what to expect we could have planned to stay the day there just relaxing and enjoying the scenery.

Don’t forget about your local parks! Grab your baseball mitts and ball, a football even a frisbee and head to the park for the day and picnic.

Attend a Local Event

Is there a baseball game or local event happening in your area? Maybe a farmers market? Pack up the family and get going!

We have the most fun going to our local minor league baseball or hockey team games. We attend our farmer’s market regularly and even look into local venues that host fun events we’d enjoy as a family.

Bonus Tip: Concert or Play

Check your local community theaters, even high school events. You’ll be surprised how talented your local community can be! We attended our local high school choir performance and played outdoor games and listened to some great music from very talented kids.

Do you have any tips for a weekend out with the kids?


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